Why is retrogaming so popular? (Part 1)

As the video game industry grows and grows, there have been an interest for its past achievements as well as failures. Not only that but playing games from the past made a comeback like no other. Even Nintendo jumped on the train with the NES Classic everyone wanted before Christmas. But why is this cultural practice known as retrogaming has become more and more popular over the past few years?

There are several answers to that questions. First, the nostalgia effect is something we, as human, respond to very greatly. We love remembering things, good or bad (but especially good). It makes us feel safe considering the path we took and the place we ended up being. It reminds us of this impossible boss fight in Megaman II that we eventually passed after many many tries. This is why an item such as the NES Classic was going to be guaranteed success. It’s smaller than the original system, plugs into the TV using an HDMI cable and doesn’t require to have any cartridges! All that for “only” 60 bucks! Instant success that led to one of the drift of this practice: reselling for a huge profit.


Indeed there is nothing wrong with selling to a profit. Heck, this is how our modern capitalistic world functions, whether we like it or not. Sadly, in the retrogaming world, because of incorrect information broadcasted by the mainstream media, people think they have treasures lying in their basement/garage/locker, you name it. Turns out it’s not the case! It takes a full amount of research that is not based on a single eBay listing to determine the value of a game. Sure, there are some easier than other to evaluate but there are a whole lot of variables to take into consideration (condition, “rarity”, was the game heavily distributed when first released, and son). Nevertheless, some stores whether physical or online are focused heavily or only in retrogaming (Retrogame Shop in Paris, Video Games New York in NYC, Digital Press in New Jersey,…).


Moreover, retrogaming opened up a whole new kind of study: video game history. Like yours truly, some people spend hours and hours doing research, interviewing gaming industry veterans, in order to write articles, books, create videos and whatnot. But hear me out now, it already existed long before retrogaming was even a thing as the first books were released in 1993 and 1994 respectively, the latter beginning its inception in 1987! Nevertheless, with publishing houses specialized in video game topics opening all over the world, it exploded. There’s not a year with five, six, or seven book projects being launched either traditionally or via crowdfunding especially Kickstarter. I love it, and I was even part of it twice for one “success” and one “failure” (I’ll let you know why I used quotation marks later.

Anyway, here it is for part one. Let me know what retrogaming means for you and I’ll join in! Part two coming up soon!

2 thoughts on “Why is retrogaming so popular? (Part 1)”

  1. I don’t mind admitting I have collected vinyl without even owning a record player. I have since remedied this but my point is that this type of physical media and especially cartridge games has an appeal and aesthetic which make tracking down well preserved copies an absolute joy.
    At this moment in my life where gaming time is strictly limited I also don’t mind admitting the actual playing of these titles has become secondary to actually owning them, picking them up and touching them and ok I need help! help me please! LoL

    1. Same here! I probably have more games than time to enjoy them in one or two lifetimes! It’s also a feeling of security. We know that the game is here on the shelf and whenever we want or have time to play it we can because it’s there and we don’t have to worry about it. So don’t worry, you don’t need help. I’ll focus on video game collection in Part 2 because it’s highly interesting!

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