Preparing for Japan

A few days ago, we were watching Japanese Style Originator with my girlfriend. This is a Japanese TV Talk Show available on Netflix dealing with many topics around Japanese culture from food to crafting secular items. Then she made me realize that I still could do a Working Holiday Visa for Japan. Therefore our next destination was settled.


I’ve always been fascinated by Japan as a country so far away from where I grew up in France; and also as a culture so different from mine. I first discovered this far-away land through the prism of video games! In fact the first reason I wanted learn Japanese was to understand games that never made it to North America (Europe is another problem). I haven’t achieved that goal as of yet but I will be working on it pretty soon.

Anyway, now is the time to put things in motion. I might not be 31 yet (the age limit to apply to a WHV for Japan) but the clock is ticking and I need to save money in order to meet the requirements from Japan. Basically I need €4,500 (roughly $6,700CAD or $4,900USD). My plan is to go back to work as well as to sell most of my extended video game collection. Right now it’s actually stored on two continents and doesn’t get much love.


See you next time for a new development

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