Coleco - The Official Book

My very first book and the first one on Coleco that I wrote and formatted from beginning to end rounding up 268 pages. Thanks to the valuable research of Jean-François Dupuis from Collectorvision Games, the book is full of visuals and internal documents never before seen. And it's the "Official" book as I got the licence from the current owners, River West Brands. All of that plus the Kickstarter campaign--through which I reached more than 300% of my original goal--in less than a year! I'm very proud of this project. You can still purchase the book at Colecobook.com or Colecobook.com/hardcover if you'd like the hardcover version.

PlayStation Anthology

I co-authored in my native French an encyclopedic work along with a very talented team. The result? 3 books on the very first PlayStation on which I wrote the hardware part explaining the choices behind the components and the console design. I also had the pleasure to talk to some key people who shaped the PlayStation success including Lorne Lanning, Tommy Tallarico, or Martin Edmonson. Available here.

Le MooQC

I created the first and only paperback video game magazine on Québec's vibrant video game industry. It only lasted three issues though I was working on it on my own and I realized that No man is an island as the saying goes. It was nevertheless an incredible experience!