Final Fantasy XV is out so I played VII again (and it hasn’t aged a bit)

Yes, the new Final Fantasy is out and yes, the reviews are great but not over-the-top as expected by many. We’ve been waiting for this game for 10 years! Even though it’s nowhere as close as Duke Nukem Forever’s 14 years, it’s still a substantial expectancy.


On my side, because I operated my company for close to 2 years, I haven’t got the chance (nor the money) to get the latest generation consoles and therefore couldn’t play either of the demos available for the 15th episode of my favorite franchise of all time or the full game itself for that matter. Considering the most recent feedback, I did something way better!

Lately, with my small earnings I offered myself a GPD Q9, an Android tablet with some buttons and joysticks that is literally built for retro gaming (my specialty). Indeed, you’ll find built-in emulators and can downloads hundreds of games including Final Fantasy VII.


Very curious to see how the PlayStation would be emulated on my newly acquired device and eager to be able to play my very first Final Fantasy game in the palms of my hands, I gave it a go and was particularly disappointed on my first try. It was laggy, and the sound effects were “meh” at best. So I stopped it because when I first played it almost 20 years ago on my PC, it was also laggy and I even had an issue with my graphics card that flipped all the cinematics. But I got to love it even though, I didn’t actually play through it the first time. As I got my game for Christmas 1997-and proudly still own it-my cousin who is almost 9 years older than me and taught me the ropes of RPG and JRPG came by and showed me how to play the game. I was happy to let him because I knew I could go back afterwards when he left. And I had plenty of times to do so. You see, I own so many different versions of that games that I could play it literally anywhere.


Anyway, I found out on my tablet that I could tweak a ew settings of the PlayStation emulator and-hurray!-it worked and allowed me to play a perfectly trustworthy version of Final Fantasy VII and couldn’t be happier. This is how my past week went.

Every time I launch it, I feel like I’m 12 again going battles after battles, advancing the plot, and discovering some details I hadn’t noticed before. And I love that feeling. Time goes by, hours are engulfed in this world that gets more and more depressing as the story line is revealed to us.


Even though it is probably the 10th time I play it from beginning to the end, I try new teams composition, new materia arrangements and read a few theories here and there to complete my experience. Furthermore, it’s a very good exercise for your memory as you try to remember where is what and who to talk to in order to unlock the next scene in the game. In my case, I’m pretty good and proud to remember many details after so many years.


Now that I’m done with it again, I’ll probably play VIII (although I might be done with it by the time I publish this article) and then a new game. I don’t expect a lot from Final Fantasy VII Remake on which CyberConnect 2 is working along with Square Enix. I don’t mind about the episodic releases as I’ll be able to buy them all at once considering that I have more than 3 years and counting on video games to catch up on! Wait & see…

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