Why watching cooking shows is inspiring

Earlier this year I read Simon Sinek’s Start with Why and was deeply inspired by it. So I figured I would start this blog with a “Why” statement. Here we go!

Ever since I met my amazing and wonderful girlfriend, I’ve been watching TV shows that I didn’t even remotely consider a thing before she introduced me to that wild world. As a matter of fact, as a French person, cooking shows were something that was aired in the morning and hosted by an old fat lady with a southern accent. It’s typically something you would watched whenever you were visiting your grandparents. But it all changed somewhere in the new millenium.

Indeed, thanks to the joint effort of Anthony Bourdain and Shep Gordon (among others), cooking would be something cool with handsome hosts and inspiring candidates. Chef would be known as celebrity chefs and kitchen swearing would be broadcasted live internationally. Food would even have its own channel, Food Network.

Well, over the past five years, I’ve been watching a lot of different shows, in both English and French (my mother tongue) and I learned a lot but more importantly, I was inspired. Every single one of the show we watch rely on some form of competition. Sometimes it’s a single effort, sometimes it’s team work. All the candidates whether they’re decorated chefs of amateur but gifted cooks have to put up with so much pressure while constantly thriving for creativity.

Watching them made me realize that those shows were the epitome of life. From the time sensitive environment to the proverbial judge who holds your future in his/her hands, I felt very humble while following the competitors—production values sure did help. They work under immense pressure for a place in the spotlight. Among all that they manage to stay creative and provide unique dishes while sometimes experimenting with the flavours or textures.

Even though the results can seldom catch the judges off guard, it is often brilliant and sometimes exceptional. I like cooking (especially desserts) and I’m nowhere near the level of one of them but it’s nonetheless inspiring to watch them go and create something great!