Are YouTubers ruining retrogaming?

I recently watched this video from Shawn Long aka RGT 85 and I wanted to react myself. It’s a very interesting topic and I’m glad he tackled it this way. He has some valid points but I’d like to share my input.

It is true that retrogaming prices have gone way up but I don’t think that YouTubers are to blame at all. Most of them are passionate gamers like you and me who just decided to share their thoughts and passion using the tools they have at their disposal, in this case YouTube. I agree that not all of those videos are perfect, some of them are not even remotely interesting. But at least they’re trying. I might write an article about my favorite ones later.

Prices in the retrogaming sphere were rising before YouTubers were a thing. I started collecting in 2008 and since then, I’ve seen prices go up and up and up. It’s crazy. For me, the market is to blame because, if a game or a system is too expensive, don’t buy it! It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, because people are more and more impatient and want to put their latest pick-up on Insta and Facebook or Twitter, they will go over the high price easily. Earlier this week, a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES reached and was sold for more than $30,000 on eBay! Are YouTubers to blame? I don’t think so. And, this phenomenon is not confined to gaming. It’s happening everywhere! Real estate, food, musical instruments, and any kind of collection from stamps to antiques. So it’s nothing new or dramatic.

Moreover, let’s not forget that video games have always been targeted to the upper class or upper middle class because they’re expensive! Nowadays, a system in America costs between $299 and $499 and games now range from $39 to $99 for some exclusive in-game content. And don’t forget that games on cartridges were expensive as well. It’s time we realize that maybe we’re all responsible for retrogaming prices skyrocketing. If you think it’s too expensive. Don’t buy it, period. There’s no use antagonizing the seller telling him he’s smoking something good to put prices like that. Anyway, we’re far from the YouTubers as an issue as you can see because frankly they’re mostly good people and certainly don’t do what they do in order to make the prices go up, it’s not good for them either!

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