7 most annoying bosses in video games

We spend long hours enjoying, exploring, visiting  and interacting in wonderful worlds thanks to the magic of video games that allow us to be actors instead of only spectators. But, because there’s always a but, those adventures are filled with bad guys that we have to defeat in order to progress further in the game. Sometimes they’re just so annoying that they get to our nerves. Here are the ones I found to be the most annoying.

Ghirahim – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword – Nintendo Wii – 2011

I may be a retro gamer at heart, I still keep in touch with the current games even though they are not so good like the dedicated Wii episode of the Zelda series. It’s one of the best looking games ever and the art direction is amazing, no doubt about that. But what’s with the constant back and forth and the three areas only? But most importantly, what’s with Ghirahim? Not only is he one of the worst antagonist ever, the first few boss fights against him are ridiculously annoying. Add to that the barely working motion detection and you have a recipe for disaster. As you move your sword around with the Wiimote, the villain follows it with his right hand and will block every direct hit. The hint is to feint to hit on one side while actually hitting on the other… well, on paper. In actuality it rarely works and thus the battles takes forever and are overly frustrating. Never again, Nintendo! Never!

TimeSage – Dragon Quest VII – PlayStation – 2000

Dragon Quest games are known to be difficult. Heck! I never even finished one of them because of it. I reach the final battle and die miserably. But this is not what I want to deal with right now. In the seventh episode, which is the longest one to date made even longer with the 2016 3DS remake, around half of the adventure is the most annoying boss of the series, the TimeSage. Accompanied by two minions this battle can be done and redone, over and over because the monsters can purely and simply reset it, just like that. How horrible is that? The trick is to be quick.

Final Boss – Wario Blast – Game Boy – 1994

Bomberman was one of the first hit on the Famicom. Developed by the Sapporo-based Hudson Soft, the game quickly became a series with several episodes on the subsequent systems. On the Game Boy, after an episode that bears a different name depending on the territory it was released in, the series got mixed into the Mario franchise. Well, kind of at least. Wario and the Bomberman share the stage in Wario Blast. Like any other entry, each world is divided into 4 areas the last one being a boss fight. All of them are doable with a clear pattern except the last one. Whether I’m 8 or 28 (last time I tried), I still can’t manage to beat this motherfracking flying robot and its flying fists. It’s so annoying!

Wiegraf/Velius – Final Fantasy Tactics – PlayStation – 1997

Final Fantasy Tactics is a fantastic game, one of my favorite in fact. It doesn’t mean it’s perfect though and it’s rather challenging especially in its original PlayStation version (the difficulty was toned down in the PSP one). The Wiegraf/Velius battle automatically comes when speaking about Final Fantasy Tactics because it’s hard, frustrating and long. The fight takes place in three parts. First one is against Wiegraf, then he transforms into the Zodiac creature Velius summoning three extremely powerful fiends, and finally the last phase takes place on the roof of the castle you were fighting in but you have to protect a character that is managed by the AI and does nothing to stay safe. Of course there is no possibility to save between the battles otherwise it would have been too easy…

All of the bosses in Deus Ex Human Revolution – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC – 2011

I’ll be quick on this one because there is an actual explanation for it. In 2011, Eidos Montreal released a new episode in the famed Deus Ex series actually taking place before JC Denton’s investigation. While the game is great and I had a lot of fun exploring and resolving the puzzles, it’s plagued by boss fights that have absolutely no place in it. Even from a storyline standpoint it barely makes sense. But there is a reason. Pressured by Square Enix, who recently acquired Eidos (including the Deus Ex franchise among other things) at the time of the development, Eidos Montreal had to include boss fights because a good game without any of those would be unthinkable. Therefore the Canadian company chose to outsource them and it didn’t go unnoticed. They’re hard, pushy, wrong and ultimately frustrating.

Eddie Pulaski – GTA San Andreas – PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC – 2004

I love the GTA franchise and I played almost all of them but GTA San Andreas is and will forever be my favorite. The map is big, the RPG flavor with all the different stats you can boost hits me right in the feels and the overall variety just worked for me. But man the missions can sometimes be frustrating and I even threw my controller into my TV leaving a permanent mark when trying to pass my plane pilot licence. Little did I know that it was just the tip of the iceberg. Towards the end of the game, you uncover the mystery around your mother death which is the reason why you came back to San Andreas. One such culprit is Eddie Pulaski. The mission in which you confront him is succeeded by a car pursuit and a hot one at that. While he has an abnormally super fast car, you have a buggy… It handles bad, turns are close to impossible and the road is full of cliffs from which you can fall to your death only to restart the mission all over again and again and again. I think I can hear myself screaming in rage when thinking about it. Fortunately for the people around me at that time, I managed to pass it, kill this SOB and go on to finish this incredible game.

Gill – Street Fighter III New Generation – Dreamcast – 2000

As a child and teen, I used to love fighting games. I was pretty good at it. In 2002, for my 16th birthday I bought a used Dreamcast with two controllers and a couple of games including Street Fighter III Double Impact that contained both New Generation and 2nd Impact. Therefore I booted New Generation first and went through the arcade mode without too much difficulty until I reached the boss, Gill. The red and blue character is overpowered and you feel like you’re being deceived by the game! It’s so unfair! Even on the lowest difficulty it’s like facing a wall parrying all your hits  and punching you in the face.

What are your frustrations when it comes to bosses? Please share below!

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